Jeter's 3000 Hits

On July 9, 2011, Derek Jeter became the first Yankee -- and 28th player overall -- in baseball history to reach 3,000 career hits. Use this database to explore every hit before and after.

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Hit Weekday Month Day of month Year Type of hit Inning team Pitcher Stadium
48 Friday May 17th 1996 triple 6th Los Angeles Angels Jim Abbott Yankee Stadium (old)
1,657 Saturday July 31st 2004 triple 5th Baltimore Orioles Erik Bedard Yankee Stadium (old)
1,955 Friday April 21st 2006 triple 1st Baltimore Orioles Kris Benson Yankee Stadium (old)
2,970 Thursday May 19th 2011 triple 4th Baltimore Orioles Brad Bergesen Camden Yards
1,414 Saturday May 31st 2003 triple 5th Detroit Tigers Adam Bernero Comerica Park
324 Saturday August 2nd 1997 triple 5th Minnesota Twins Shane Bowers Yankee Stadium (old)
2,356 Sunday September 30th 2007 triple 1st Baltimore Orioles Brian Burres Camden Yards
2,371 Saturday April 19th 2008 triple 1st Baltimore Orioles Brian Burres Camden Yards
665 Monday June 7th 1999 triple 4th Philadelphia Phillies Paul Byrd Veterans Stadium
592 Tuesday April 6th 1999 triple 1st Oakland A's Tom Candiotti Network Associates Coliseum
1,864 Friday August 5th 2005 triple 1st Toronto Blue Jays Gustavo Chacin Rogers Centre
1,892 Thursday August 25th 2005 triple 5th Toronto Blue Jays Gustavo Chacin Yankee Stadium (old)
1,953 Tuesday April 18th 2006 triple 1st Toronto Blue Jays Gustavo Chacin Rogers Centre
41 Tuesday May 7th 1996 triple 8th Detroit Tigers Mike Christopher Yankee Stadium (old)
1,845 Thursday July 21st 2005 triple 1st Los Angeles Angels Bartolo Colon Angel Stadium of Anaheim
2,206 Wednesday May 16th 2007 triple 7th Chicago White Sox Jose Contreras U.S. Cellular Field
210 Tuesday April 8th 1997 triple 3rd Los Angeles Angels Jason Dickson Anaheim Stadium
2,216 Wednesday May 23rd 2007 triple 7th Boston Red Sox Brendan Donnelly Yankee Stadium (old)
221 Monday April 21st 1997 triple 3rd Chicago White Sox Doug Drabek Comiskey Park
828 Saturday April 22nd 2000 triple 4th Toronto Blue Jays Kelvim Escobar SkyDome
572 Sunday September 13th 1998 triple 3rd Toronto Blue Jays Kelvim Escobar Yankee Stadium (old)
451 Monday May 25th 1998 triple 4th Chicago White Sox Tom Fordham Comiskey Park
581 Sunday September 20th 1998 triple 8th Baltimore Orioles Chris Fussell Camden Yards
800 Monday September 27th 1999 triple 8th Tampa Bay Rays Eddie Gaillard Yankee Stadium (old)
2,662 Wednesday July 29th 2009 triple 1st Tampa Bay Rays Matt Garza Tropicana Field
834 Friday April 28th 2000 triple 7th Toronto Blue Jays Eric Gunderson Yankee Stadium (old)
600 Tuesday April 13th 1999 triple 6th Baltimore Orioles Juan Guzman Yankee Stadium (old)
3,056 Thursday August 25th 2011 triple 1st Oakland A's Rich Harden Yankee Stadium (new)
9 Thursday June 8th 1995 triple 4th Oakland A's Mike Harkey Yankee Stadium (old)
2,248 Friday June 22nd 2007 triple 9th San Francisco Giants Brad Hennessey AT&T Park
655 Saturday May 29th 1999 triple 3rd Toronto Blue Jays Pat Hentgen SkyDome
19 Friday April 12th 1996 triple 4th Texas Rangers Ken Hill Yankee Stadium (old)
2,399 Tuesday May 13th 2008 triple 6th Tampa Bay Rays Edwin Jackson Tropicana Field
199 Friday April 4th 1997 triple 7th Oakland A's Steve Karsay Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
442 Wednesday May 20th 1998 triple 1st Baltimore Orioles Jimmy Key Yankee Stadium (old)
2,878 Wednesday August 11th 2010 triple 6th Texas Rangers Cliff Lee Rangers Ballpark
1,405 Saturday May 24th 2003 triple 9th Toronto Blue Jays Cory Lidle Yankee Stadium (old)
1,504 Monday August 18th 2003 triple 3rd Kansas City Royals Jose Lima Yankee Stadium (old)
122 Saturday August 3rd 1996 triple 3rd Kansas City Royals Doug Linton Kauffman Stadium
278 Monday June 23rd 1997 triple 3rd Detroit Tigers Felipe Lira Tiger Stadium
260 Friday June 6th 1997 triple 4th Milwaukee Brewers Jose Mercedes Yankee Stadium (old)
707 Wednesday July 7th 1999 triple 4th Detroit Tigers Dave Milicki Tiger Stadium
2,062 Monday July 24th 2006 triple 3rd Texas Rangers Kevin Millwood Ameriquest Field
427 Sunday May 10th 1998 triple 4th Minnesota Twins Eric Milton Metrodome
596 Saturday April 10th 1999 triple 7th Detroit Tigers Brian Moehler Yankee Stadium (old)
486 Tuesday July 14th 1998 triple 9th Cleveland Indians Alvin Morman Jacobs Field
605 Thursday April 15th 1999 triple 7th Baltimore Orioles Mike Mussina Yankee Stadium (old)
659 Monday May 31st 1999 triple 3rd Cleveland Indians Charles Nagy Yankee Stadium (old)
263 Tuesday June 10th 1997 triple 4th Chicago White Sox Jamie Navarro Yankee Stadium (old)
911 Wednesday July 19th 2000 triple 2nd Detroit Tigers Hideo Nomo Yankee Stadium (old)
of 65 search resultsclear search