Jeter's 3000 Hits

On July 9, 2011, Derek Jeter became the first Yankee -- and 28th player overall -- in baseball history to reach 3,000 career hits. Use this database to explore every hit before and after.

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Hit Weekday Month Day of month Year Type of hit Inning team Pitcher Stadium
2,924 Saturday October 2nd 2010 single 10th Boston Red Sox Jonathan Papelbon Fenway Park
121 Friday August 2nd 1996 home run 10th Kansas City Royals Jeff Montgomery Kauffman Stadium
2,669 Sunday August 2nd 2009 single 9th Chicago White Sox Scott Linebrink U.S. Cellular Field
474 Thursday July 2nd 1998 double 9th Philadelphia Phillies Mark Leiter Yankee Stadium (old)
2,359 Wednesday April 2nd 2008 single 9th Toronto Blue Jays Jeremy Accardo Yankee Stadium (old)
2,713 Wednesday September 2nd 2009 single 9th Baltimore Orioles Dennis Sarfate Camden Yards
196 Wednesday April 2nd 1997 single 9th Seattle Mariners Bob Wells Kingdome
853 Friday June 2nd 2000 double 9th Atlanta Braves Kerry Ligtenberg Turner Field
3,303 Tuesday October 2nd 2012 double 9th Boston Red Sox Andrew Bailey Yankee Stadium (new)
2,007 Friday June 2nd 2006 single 9th Baltimore Orioles Chris Ray Camden Yards
56 Sunday June 2nd 1996 double 9th Oakland A's Billy Taylor Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
1,332 Friday August 2nd 2002 double 8th Los Angeles Angels Al Levine Edison Field
514 Sunday August 2nd 1998 single 8th Seattle Mariners Bobby Ayala Kingdome
2,443 Wednesday July 2nd 2008 single 8th Texas Rangers Jamey Wright Yankee Stadium (old)
2,413 Monday June 2nd 2008 single 8th Minnesota Twins Matt Guerrier Metrodome
1,071 Saturday June 2nd 2001 single 8th Cleveland Indians Paul Shuey Yankee Stadium (old)
735 Monday August 2nd 1999 home run 8th Toronto Blue Jays David Wells Yankee Stadium (old)
929 Wednesday August 2nd 2000 single 8th Kansas City Royals Blake Stein Yankee Stadium (old)
2,077 Wednesday August 2nd 2006 single 8th Toronto Blue Jays Scott Downs Yankee Stadium (old)
1,768 Monday May 2nd 2005 single 8th Tampa Bay Rays Travis Harper Tropicana Field
459 Tuesday June 2nd 1998 single 7th Chicago White Sox Mike Sirotka Yankee Stadium (old)
1,237 Thursday May 2nd 2002 double 7th Oakland A's Mike Holtz Yankee Stadium (old)
87 Tuesday July 2nd 1996 single 7th Boston Red Sox Joe Hudson Yankee Stadium (old)
1,828 Saturday July 2nd 2005 single 7th Detroit Tigers Fernando Rodney Comerica Park
2,006 Friday June 2nd 2006 single 7th Baltimore Orioles Todd Williams Camden Yards
162 Monday September 2nd 1996 single 7th Oakland A's Buddy Groom Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
2,223 Saturday June 2nd 2007 home run 7th Boston Red Sox Joel Pineiro Fenway Park
1,305 Tuesday July 2nd 2002 single 7th Cleveland Indians Ricardo Rincon Yankee Stadium (old)
415 Saturday May 2nd 1998 single 7th Kansas City Royals Jim Pittsley Kauffman Stadium
2,473 Saturday August 2nd 2008 single 7th Los Angeles Angels Justin Speier Yankee Stadium (old)
1,767 Monday May 2nd 2005 single 6th Tampa Bay Rays Scott Kazmir Tropicana Field
473 Thursday July 2nd 1998 home run 6th Philadelphia Phillies Tyler Green Yankee Stadium (old)
1,236 Thursday May 2nd 2002 single 6th Oakland A's Cory Lidle Yankee Stadium (old)
2,563 Saturday May 2nd 2009 double 6th Los Angeles Angels Matt Palmer Yankee Stadium (new)
2,923 Saturday October 2nd 2010 single 6th Boston Red Sox Rich Hill Fenway Park
86 Tuesday July 2nd 1996 single 6th Boston Red Sox Vaughn Eshelman Yankee Stadium (old)
564 Wednesday September 2nd 1998 single 6th Oakland A's Gil Heredia Yankee Stadium (old)
2,259 Monday July 2nd 2007 single 6th Minnesota Twins Matt Guerrier Yankee Stadium (old)
2,781 Sunday May 2nd 2010 single 6th Chicago White Sox Tony Pena Yankee Stadium (new)
2,151 Monday April 2nd 2007 single 6th Tampa Bay Rays Shawn Camp Yankee Stadium (old)
2,928 Saturday April 2nd 2011 single 5th Detroit Tigers Brad Thomas Yankee Stadium (new)
1,598 Wednesday June 2nd 2004 home run 5th Baltimore Orioles Eric DuBose Yankee Stadium (old)
2,412 Monday June 2nd 2008 double 5th Minnesota Twins Livan Hernandez Metrodome
2,868 Monday August 2nd 2010 single 5th Toronto Blue Jays Brandon Morrow Yankee Stadium (new)
1,795 Thursday June 2nd 2005 single 5th Kansas City Royals Ryan Jensen Kauffman Stadium
2,037 Sunday July 2nd 2006 single 5th New York Mets Heath Bell Yankee Stadium (old)
2,603 Tuesday June 2nd 2009 single 5th Texas Rangers Derek Holland Yankee Stadium (new)
3,064 Friday September 2nd 2011 single 5th Toronto Blue Jays Brandon Morrow Yankee Stadium (new)
13 Tuesday April 2nd 1996 home run 5th Cleveland Indians Dennis Martinez Jacobs Field
852 Friday June 2nd 2000 single 5th Atlanta Braves Kevin Millwood Turner Field
of 108 search resultsclear search