Jeter's 3000 Hits

On July 9, 2011, Derek Jeter became the first Yankee -- and 28th player overall -- in baseball history to reach 3,000 career hits. Use this database to explore every hit before and after.

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Hit Weekday Month Day of month Year Type of hit Inning team Pitcher Stadium
498 Monday July 20th 1998 single 17th Detroit Tigers A.J. Sager Yankee Stadium (old)
497 Monday July 20th 1998 single 15th Detroit Tigers Dean Crow Yankee Stadium (old)
823 Monday April 17th 2000 single 11th Texas Rangers Tim Crabtree Rangers Ballpark
287 Monday June 30th 1997 single 10th Atlanta Braves Mike Bielecki Yankee Stadium (old)
1,495 Monday August 11th 2003 double 9th Kansas City Royals Mike MacDougal Kauffman Stadium
222 Monday April 21st 1997 single 9th Chicago White Sox Bill Simas Comiskey Park
1,020 Monday April 16th 2001 single 9th Boston Red Sox Rod Beck Fenway Park
128 Monday August 5th 1996 single 9th Kansas City Royals Rick Huisman Kauffman Stadium
2,118 Monday September 4th 2006 single 9th Kansas City Royals Ambiorix Burgos Kauffman Stadium
232 Monday May 5th 1997 home run 9th Minnesota Twins Rick Augilera Yankee Stadium (old)
783 Monday September 13th 1999 single 9th Toronto Blue Jays David Wells SkyDome
1,016 Monday April 9th 2001 single 9th Kansas City Royals Kris Wilson Kauffman Stadium
336 Monday August 11th 1997 single 9th Minnesota Twins Frankie Rodriguez Metrodome
3,262 Monday August 27th 2012 home run 9th Toronto Blue Jays Casey Janssen Yankee Stadium (new)
496 Monday July 20th 1998 single 9th Detroit Tigers Dou Brocail Yankee Stadium (old)
374 Monday September 15th 1997 single 9th Boston Red Sox Jim Corsi Yankee Stadium (old)
1,200 Monday April 1st 2002 home run 8th Baltimore Orioles Rodrigo Lopez Camden Yards
373 Monday September 15th 1997 single 8th Boston Red Sox Mark Brandenburg Yankee Stadium (old)
3,017 Monday July 25th 2011 triple 8th Seattle Mariners David Pauley Yankee Stadium (new)
1,193 Monday October 1st 2001 double 8th Chicago White Sox Bill Pulsipher Yankee Stadium (old)
2,039 Monday July 3rd 2006 single 8th Cleveland Indians Fausto Carmona Jacobs Field
3,039 Monday August 15th 2011 single 8th Kansas City Royals Everett Teaford Kauffman Stadium
2,413 Monday June 2nd 2008 single 8th Minnesota Twins Matt Guerrier Metrodome
2,605 Monday June 8th 2009 home run 8th Tampa Bay Rays Andy Sonnanstine Yankee Stadium (new)
2,337 Monday September 17th 2007 double 8th Baltimore Orioles Kurt Birkins Yankee Stadium (old)
979 Monday September 11th 2000 single 8th Boston Red Sox Rolando Arrojo Fenway Park
889 Monday June 26th 2000 single 8th Detroit Tigers Doug Brocail Comerica Park
1,505 Monday August 18th 2003 single 8th Kansas City Royals Jason Grimsley Yankee Stadium (old)
863 Monday June 5th 2000 single 8th Montreal Expos Anthony Telford Stade Olympique
2,559 Monday April 27th 2009 single 8th Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander Comerica Park
800 Monday September 27th 1999 triple 8th Tampa Bay Rays Eddie Gaillard Yankee Stadium (old)
777 Monday September 6th 1999 single 8th Los Angeles Angels Jarrod Washburn Edison Field
2,661 Monday July 27th 2009 single 8th Tampa Bay Rays Grant Balfour Tropicana Field
735 Monday August 2nd 1999 home run 8th Toronto Blue Jays David Wells Yankee Stadium (old)
2,711 Monday August 31st 2009 double 8th Baltimore Orioles Mark Hendrickson Camden Yards
2,843 Monday July 5th 2010 single 8th Oakland A's Ben Sheets Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
1,209 Monday April 8th 2002 single 8th Toronto Blue Jays Dan Plesac SkyDome
139 Monday August 12th 1996 single 8th Chicago White Sox Alex Fernandez Comiskey Park
1,831 Monday July 4th 2005 single 8th Baltimore Orioles B.J. Ryan Yankee Stadium (old)
39 Monday May 6th 1996 single 8th Detroit Tigers Brian Williams Yankee Stadium (old)
65 Monday June 10th 1996 single 8th Toronto Blue Jays Tony Castillo SkyDome
1,813 Monday June 20th 2005 single 8th Tampa Bay Rays Lance Carter Yankee Stadium (old)
2,159 Monday April 9th 2007 single 8th Minnesota Twins Dennys Reyes Metrodome
1,768 Monday May 2nd 2005 single 8th Tampa Bay Rays Travis Harper Tropicana Field
3,219 Monday July 30th 2012 single 8th Baltimore Orioles Pedro Strop Yankee Stadium (new)
2,691 Monday August 17th 2009 single 8th Oakland A's Brad Ziegler Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
107 Monday July 22nd 1996 single 8th Texas Rangers Ken Hill Yankee Stadium (old)
1,401 Monday May 19th 2003 single 8th Boston Red Sox Jason Shiell Fenway Park
1,357 Monday August 26th 2002 double 8th Texas Rangers Todd Van Poppel Yankee Stadium (old)
28 Monday April 22nd 1996 single 8th Kansas City Royals Ken Robinson Kauffman Stadium
of 321 search resultsclear search