Long Island remembers

Patrick J. McGuire

  • Age: 40
  • Employer: Euro Brokers
  • Place of death: Tower Two
  • Community: Williston Park
  • County: Nassau

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About Patrick McGuire

Patrick J. McGuire, 40, a Williston Park native who lived in Madison, N.J., worked as a broker for Euro Brokers on the 84th floor of the south tower. His last words, left on his wife's cell phone, were: "Hon, I'm OK. I'll be leaving soon."

One of the things McGuire enjoyed was telling jokes and pulling pranks, said his widow, Danielle McGuire, 52, of Madison, N.J.

Once, Patrick McGuire asked a trainee to buy lottery tickets and gave the unsuspecting trainee the winning numbers from the night before. He told the trainee he would split the winnings with him if he hit the jackpot, Danielle McGuire said.

"The guy was really excited. He was hyperventilating. Everyone at the office had a good laugh," she recalled.

That was the silly side of Patrick McGuire. There was also the caring side.

He used to coach Little League. One year, a boy who wasn't athletic and had never played ball before joined Patrick McGuire's team at his mother's urging.

"Pat was kind to the boy. At end of season, he said he won't play ball if he can't play on Mr. McGuire's team," Danielle McGuire recalled. "When Pat died, he never played ball again."

For the past decade, Danielle McGuire has spent most of her time tending to the needs of the couple's four young children.

"It's unbelievable. I am a very lucky, happy person. I have four great kids. I see him in them everyday," she said as she cried. "We miss him. We miss him a lot. Life goes on. It would be wonderful for him to be here to see his children. Some day I am going to see him and I want him to say I did a great job." - Chau Lam

This profile was originally published in 2001/2002

The 7:55 a.m. phone call was routine.

Patrick J. McGuire, a 40-year-old broker at Euro Brokers, called his family on Sept. 11 from the 84th floor of the World Trade Center's Tower Two. He checked in with his wife, Danielle McGuire, in Madison, N.J., talking about the previous night's football game and chatting with the four kids he adored.

An hour later, the Williston Park native left two messages for his family, one on his wife's cell phone, another on their home answering machine.

"He said he was OK, and everything was all right," said Danielle McGuire. "He was very reassuring on his messages. He said he was going to leave the building."

McGuire never made it out.

On Sept. 19, the Red Cross and police came to the family home and said his body had been recovered. The family held a funeral and burial on Sept. 22 at St. Vincent's Church and Cemetery in Madison.

More than two weeks later, Danielle McGuire is dwelling on the positives. That she and the kids- Sean, 10, Ryan, 7, Mara, 4, and Shea, 2-got to speak to him a few hours before he perished. That his body, one of few, was actually recovered. That she spent 13 1/2 years married to this wonderful man she met at a bar just one block from the World Trade Center.

"It's as normal as can be," she said. "The little ones just asked about him today. I just tell them that God is with their father in heaven, and he's having a good time with all his friends."

Now, she's relying on the tremendous support from her community and church and the comfort of memories of the man who "laughed at life" and spent his weekends coaching basketball and Little League baseball, acting as a role model to his own and any other kid who didn't have a father.

"Two weeks before, he got hit with a baseball and went to the emergency room," recalled Danielle McGuire. "He was in pain. He had a broken nose and had to get three stitches, but the whole time, he sat in the hospital and made jokes. He always made the best of a worst situation. He always laughed at things, and we just always got through it, and we're gonna get through this."-- Sumathi Reddy

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