Long Island remembers

Alvin Bergsohn

  • Age: 48
  • Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald
  • Place of death: Tower One
  • Community: Baldwin Harbor
  • County: Nassau

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About Alvin Bergsohn

Alvin Bergsohn, 48, of Baldwin Harbor, worked on the 104th floor of the north tower at Cantor Fitzgerald as an institutional trader in the equity department.

His wife, Michele, said her husband approached life with gusto.

"He was charming; he was a flirt," she said. "He had a teenage soul at heart. He loved to play guitar - old time rock and roll. He loved sports, both participating and watching. He was a skier, had played softball and he was a golfer. He loved New York Giants football, which he passed down to the kids," sons Sam and Harris, who were 14 and 12 at the time of his death.

"He loved the Yankees. He also had a tremendous comic book collection that was very important to him. He loved being the baseball coach to my oldest son and his friends," she said.

"He was a lot of fun and he was a phenomenal son and grandson. He was a good friend."

She said she had been friends with her husband for 10 years before they became romantic. "I married my best friend," she said.

Bergsohn is still very much part of the family's life.

"My children's lives would have been enhanced because he was a wonderful father and very hands on," she said. "However, we live in many ways as if he's still here, vacationing the way we would have if he were here. We're not stuck; it's just that we're comfortable with the knowledge that his presence is still very much part of our lives." - Ridgely Ochs

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